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10 Tips For Paid Surveys
2:38 PM

1. Sign up to as many as survey sites you can, because although they pay small, if you save the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves.

2. Get a separate email address because you will got loads of emails (no spam for me yet surprisingly enough) and you don’t want to lose that invitation to tea from your mum in amongst all your survey stuff. 

3. Get a Paypal account - I think it will make getting paid easier and you’ll able to keep track of all that cash that comes in. OK, you’ll be able to see when you reach a tenner.

4. Be honest in your replies. Don’t create multiple profiles like a prat.

5. Be creative in your answers when you have the chance - it makes it much more interesting.

5. Don’t give up your day job.

6. Do it because you’re primarily interested in making some extra money, but also because you want to have an opinion that is heard and occasionally you may even get a chance to test some product or other Like nose tweezers.

7. NEVER EVER pay for any of these Survey sites over the web. My opinion is that if you do, you deserved to have your ID theft, Nicked, Stolen. Which I can imagine is a real bugger.

8. Check your email regularly and do the surveys you receive asap. From what I’ve read of other people’s sites, the more reliable you are, the more surveys you’ll get, and the more times you’ll be able to take your loved one out for a nice meal.

9. Get roboform to fill out all the registration forms. Otherwise it can a bit dull when you’re asked if you have pets for the 50th time. Also use the same user id and password - it just makes life easier.

10. Keep records, of what surveys you’ve done, since I’ve also heard that some are a little less willing than others to pay out.

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