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Earn money with Bidvertiser
6:28 AM

While out on the internet hunting for different ways of monetizing a blog, somewhere there was a question “Is there an alternative to Google AdSense especially for those who got banned from AdSense program for some reason or the other, or someone who got denied or couldn’t get into the program?” and I could find one such publisher program, BidVertiser. Though some may be of the opinion that BidVertiser is not up to par with Google AdSense, it is definitely a viable alternative for those who’re interested in earning money online or anyone who couldn’t get into Google AdSense for whatever reason and needs an alternative source of income from his blog so as to keep the show going.

BidVertiser is a pay-per-click (pays you for valid clicks on the ads on your site by visitors) bidding system that allows a blogger to advertise text ads of his choice on his blog. BidVertiser ad network’s Publishers Program is a fast and easy to use way for publishers of all sizes to display unobtrusive text ads on their website and earn money. It is free for everyone to sign up and there is no minimum amount of hits a site should receive before qualifying, hence it’s ideal for anyone who is just starting up. Another great advantage of BidVertiser over AdSense is its low $10 payout limit, i.e., you need only to make $10 a month in order to get paid. Big publishers wouldn’t care about this but for many small bloggers who are still at bay waiting to hit that magic $100 Google payout level, getting paid at a lower level is quite attractive. You get paid on a monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month. If the money earned for the previous calendar month is higher than the payout limit of $10 in your account, you get paid via PayPal or you can opt for check if you generate $50 or more (Hope AdSense too come up with PayPal transfer soon). If your account balance couldn’t reach the payout level at the month end, the balance will be carried over to the next month and will be paid once you have earned the payout level or more. Should you encounter any problems or have any questions, you can also contact them by phone using their toll-free numbers for instant help.

You can customize the size and format of the ads that will appear on your site and if you sell items on ebay, it’s an excellent way to get coverage for your items. BidVertiser is designed to work similarly to Google AdSense; however, you have the additional option to display targeted eBay advertisements as well. Advertisers will bid against each other for your ad space, while their third generation bidding-based ad serving system will always display the highest bidders, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time. The price per click you get with BidVertiser is based on the quality and popularity of your website. The more popular and appealing your site, the higher price per click you get, whereas in other ad networks like AdSense, price per click is always determined by the keywords, not by the quality of your website where your high-quality site will get the same price per click as other low-quality site gets, just because you have a similar content.

Log in to your account once you have created one and you will be provided with a few lines of HTML code to paste onto your web page. As soon as you have pasted the code on your page, ads will instantly start appearing. In order to prevent offensive websites displaying their ads, they manually review and approve each site (usually within 48 hours). During this time, your blog will display the default BidVertiser ads. Once approved, the BidVertiser system will constantly be utilizing the highest bidders to be displayed on your blog to maximize your revenue. As ads are being shown on your blog, advertisers will start bidding on your ad space, while the performance of your BidVertiser ads will be steadily improving over time.

You can earn money by referring both advertisers and publishers too to BidVertiser. This is what they say on referral program:

When a user signs as a publisher and first earns $10, we’ll credit your account with $10. When that same publisher earns $50, you will be credited with an additional $40.

Once you’ve completed the signing up process, you’ll notice referral, publisher as well as advertiser program tabs. Copy the appropriate codes for your publisher program, paste it on your ad spots and start earning right now. If you’re interested in signing up for this great service, don’t hesitate doing it now. Reach out the sign-up page, do the necessary formalities, and in a couple of weeks’ time you can have a few US dollars to your credit, it couldn’t be any easier!

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